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What is a Food Saver?
It is among the all the more irritating encounters an individual can persist: You pull a potato chip from a sack you obediently moved up and shut, as well as can be expected the previous evening – and discover your chip has become stale.
The bad dreams deteriorate when you venture into the cooler and recover that fine Porterhouse steak you solidified a couple of weeks back, just to discover it has cooked and secured with what looks like liver spots and encrusted with ice precious stones. You may call it cooler smolder. What is going ahead here? There is really a superbly sensible physical clarification for what happens when sustenance goes stale or gets to be cooler smoldered. It needs to do with air.
Food may have wealth or an absence of dampness. In the event that it’s dampness loaded, a substance trade with the surrounding air happens. Dampness escapes from a steak, for instance, and dries it out. In the cooler, ice precious stones frame as dampness amasses outside of the steak. Oxygen particles in the surrounding air fill the void deserted by the getting away water atoms. This thing tans the meat.
On the other side, when chips – which need dampness – are put away, the air trade imbues them with water atoms, which makes them stale and delicate. Food is not the main foodstuff to endure on account of an air trade. Wine goes awful and pop loses its carbonation. In any case, it is an awful circumstance.
Luckily, different options for cooler blaze and stale chips proliferate. For one, there is the Food Saver System – a home vacuum sealer that evacuates the air encompassing the sustenance we wish to store and serves to save it.

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Shahni - June 23, 2015


I bought a lot of restaurant standard vacuum bags. they are the plain bags without the texture inside. I cant find a vacuum sealer machine that takes air out with those bags. I bought a sous Vide supreme sealer and that sealed it but didnt suck air out.
Are those bags only compatible with vacuum chambers sealers?

Look forward to your advice.


    Harriet - June 24, 2015

    Yes, they are only compatible with vacuum chamber sealers. Welcome!

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